For reader's sake, Revise your work & other things

I have a good time reading fanfiction. Some of it is quite good though the majority is just ok. I know my own work is fair to midlin but I do try. But what can really crack me up, or sometimes just makes me shudder or leaves me really confused is the misuse of a word. I am not talking about a misspelling but the wrong word, and sometimes through the whole work. It can change the whole meaning of your fiction. Here is an ongoing list of some of my favorites:

My favorite so far is:
finance instead of fiance (this is my personal favorite)
weld for wield
farther for father
accept for except and vice versa. They really do mean entirely different things.
shoulder for shudder
thorn, torn and throne.
couch for coach: I love couches that shout at you.
quite, quiet and quit. Yeah, really they are different words.
Petrol for patrol
Boarder is a person who rents a room and has nothing to do with the borders of a country.
Extremities when you mean extremes. You can certainly push your extremities to extremes.
Fridge for fringe. There is nothing better than hearing your fridge needs a haircut.
Deaf for dead/death is a head turner.

I also want to add weird phrases that the writer should have really thought twice about:

warm wet muscle - just use the word tongue
cavern for mouth - I know it gets old using the same word over and over, but substituting cavern for mouth over and over gets boring too. Plus, humans don't have caverns.

Other bits of advice:

Unless crossdressing, Men do not wear blouses.

If you want to use a different word, fine. I get that using one particular word can feel lazy and boring, but don't use archaic or truly strange words (ferriginous) your reader must look up unless you have particular intent.

If English is not your first language and you are writing in English, first I commend you. I would not be able to write a story in any of the languages I have studied. That said, don't leave a message at the bottom of each chapter that you suck at English. It detracts from your work. I personally am always willing to give leeway to someone who is really trying and I know many who will also do so. FYI, the most common mistakes I see in works from non-English speakers are wrong verb (because English sucks for this) and pronouns.

Last but not least, RUN YOUR SPELL CHECKER. It catches so much that would make your work read better.

My rant against a certain kind of Fanfic

I am to first to say that I like Fanfiction. It's funny, sweet, adventurous and angst filled. and there is all types out there to fit your reading wants. Some of it is really bad and I have my favorite things to laugh about. Misspells that totally change what someone was going for. Or better yet, misuse of a word. Some writers need to quit relying on spell check and just reread their stuff. I recently read a story where the whole way through they had used congested for the word digested. Rather funny if you ask me. But I digress here as I want to get to the point of what I am writing about eventually. Me, I like Star Trek and Merlin. I first started reading fanfic years ago when I was doing Star Trek simming and I read some great stories. Fabulous adventures and character explorations they just didn't do in the show. And I am convinced that some of the ideas from simming and the fanfictions were being picked up by show writers, either that or the fanfiction writers were sometimes just so on the mark.

Merlin is my most recent thing even though its been off the air a couple of years now. I really like the show and I love the characters. And the fanfiction. Holy Mother of God. There is a lot and some is really good and some is bad. I read one story that I even think could be made into a movie using the characters in a modern story.(For Your Information). I have also found what I think is possibly the worst use a plot idea ever. Warlocks who are powerful enough can get pregnant?!?!?!?! Honestly, just bad bad bad. But I do like to read it because I think it is so funny even if just a terrible idea.

I am getting to the point. I promise. So, as you have read, I love fanfiction. With Star Trek it was the adventures mostly though I read some of the slash. Just never did work but with Merlin and Arthur it does. Not on the show though, only in fanfiction. I know what some say. The writers just weren't allowed, etc. And I know the actors themselves don't care for that idea at all. Well I hate to tell them that the writers of show sold you down the river. They wrote it so you would give out a lot of eye sex on that show, although the body language never matched that, except once. I won't say where I thought it was but for just one second, on the show, I thought... Anyways. I am digressing again. As I said before, I know that the actors don't care for the idea of shipping Merlin and Arthur. I say to them get over it. It is a harmless bit of fun as long as the person doing it is only writing about the characters. I have recently, however, come across something I find abhorrent although I shouldn't have been surprised. RPF or real person fic.

RPF. Why? Why would anyone want to violate someone like that? How would you feel personally if you went on the internet and did a search of yourself and find where someone has written that you are having sex, have married or done wild kinky things with someone in a story, and not just anyone, a friend, someone that you like to hang out with. When I write about Merlin and Arthur I am writing about made up characters on a TV show. Just a bit of harmless doodling that I enjoy. I separate the people who play the characters from the characters. I am not writing about Colin Morgan or Bradley James or Eoin Macken. I am writing about a character, a made up person, fictional, not real. But RPF, that goes too far. You are no longer writing about a character but about real people. People who have made it clear they aren't involved with each other in the way that some have suggested. I know some would say it is no different than the fanfic but I say there really is a clear distinction. Last I checked Merlin is mostly an imaginary character and legend. Colin Morgan, that's a living, breathing real person with a real career and a real life. I don't know him but he has a nice smile and seems nice in the interviews I have seen. I get the impression he's a stand up guy. The same seems to go for Bradley James and Eoin Macken and the other members of the cast. Honestly, I don't understand how if you are truly their fans you can do this.

I invite all honest fanfiction writers to not read or support RPF.